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Welcome to Speech Guidelines

Speech Guidelines is a resource created to provide authoritative references and guidelines to Speech Language Pathologists of Mississippi. The site will focus on official documents and policies that govern the administration and billing processes for those practicing in the State of Mississippi. Sources will include Federal and State agency pronouncements as well as provider instructions from the Coordinated Care Organizations authorized under the Division of Medicaid of Mississippi.

To help to address current issues and processes affecting providers, the CCO Forum page will include submissions by practitioners outlining difficulties and challenges, along with references to the authoritative documents that serve as guidelines concerning those issues. Please note that the site is not intended to serve as a legal interpreter but rather serves as a practical source for referencing official documentation that applies to the issues of practice administration. Each practitioner must determine the practical application to circumstances of their individual situation, including seeking legal counsel when needed.

We welcome your participation in the site. Please submit documents to post on the site that you feel will benefit others in our profession. On the CCO Forum page is a link to a submission form for you to use to share current issues related to specific managed care entities.


This site is published in coordination with the Mississippi Speech Language Hearing Association's Healthcare Committee.

From the Editor

Over the decades that many of us have practiced as Speech Language Pathology professionals, we have seen tremendous and impacting changes in the dynamics of how our profession is administered and processed. For those in large organizations that employ legal and bureaucratic professionals, the daily challenges of these changes are handled by those skilled and experienced to do so. But with small practice groups and individual practitioners, these changes can sometimes seem overwhelming and difficult to navigate. In response, we have created Speech Guidelines to aid practitioners in their challenges of administration and processing.

Through the years, basic familiarity with Federal Guidelines, specifically those mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, and the application of those by the Mississippi Division of Medicaid was sufficient for most small groups and individuals. That all changed in 2015 with the advent of the Coordinated Care Organizations (CCO). Since then, we have found ourselves mired in a system that is designed to coordinate care between and among hospitals, medical clinics, and other organized care providers. Trying to find our way through the intense documentation and procedures to qualify as credentialed individual providers has been quite laborious to us.

With the power of the internet, we have been able to access and distribute among ourselves the updated laws and practice manuals affecting our daily efforts. As new CCOs have been contracted by the Division of Medicaid, many of their policies and applications have been inconsistent with Federal and State regulations and guidelines. The purpose of Speech Guidelines is to serve as central resource for practitioners to access and share current situations and documents to navigate the complex world we now find ourselves in.

Please use this site as a resource to quickly browse the publications posted in order to help you understand the answers to the circumstances that frequently occur in today's environment. As well, please share with us for posting any documents or references that you think may benefit others.

Linda L. Piazza, MS, CCC-SLP
Director, Speech Guidelines